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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC
Just Come As You Are – This is enough!
Susann Herrmann

Susann Herrmann

Clinical and Occupational Psychologist MA

Just Come As You Are – This is enough!

Just Come As You Are – This is enough!

Mindfulness is a basic human quality and not something that we have to ‘get’ or acquire.

It is already within us – a deep internal resource available and patiently waiting to be released and used in the service of learning, growing, and healing.

However, often the mind can’t believe that this is true, it doesn’t make any sense. Therefore in this situation, the mind doesn’t support mindfulness and rebels, convincing us that this moment is not the right time or place to practice. That for example at first we need to organise ourselves: whether cooking dinner, finalising a project, making sure that no one is disturbing us… You can fill the gap with what your mind is telling you.

None of this really matters! The endless chatter and narrative the mind is creating, the constant comments it makes, the instructions it gives and the stories it creates are always there. Discussing things over and over again: good and bad, right and wrong, winning or losing. This is what the mind does!

All this has the potential to create mental, emotional and/or physical pain, which has the power to lead to subtle or more severe issues, often causing a lot of suffering.

Very likely each one of us, is hoping to find strategies or solutions, which work for us in our life circumstances, in order to have a better chance to control what the mind is doing. On the surface, we might be able to do this. However, let’s face it and let’s take a deeper look into this matter: The only way to stop thinking might be the moment – when we die!

So, how can we still practice in the midst of all this?

The invitation is just to come as you are!
Even with this constant chatter of the mind, we can come and sit!
This is important and something we often forget!

Taking our seat together
Sitting together
Walking together
Standing together
Meeting life together
Practicing together

How powerful is this?
The mind might disagree and say that if we turn up as we are, this can not be the practice.

However, as Jon Kabat-Zinn says “Mindfulness Practice is Living the Full Catastrophe of Life” and therefore learning to live our life fully as a human being, regardless of what we are facing, moment after moment.

As a community, we are supporting each other in this strange and at the same time rewarding practice.
Whether you are new to the practice or you call yourself a practitioner already for many years or decades, you are most welcome to join us, taking part in an ongoing training and explore how you can apply this teaching to your unique life circumstances!


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