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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC

Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) Intensive

202013feb(feb 13)18:0018(feb 18)14:00Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) IntensiveFreshwater Bay, Isle of Wight, United Kingdom18:00 - 14:00 (18)

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The Interpersonal Mindfulness (IM) Intensive is the basal meditative approach of our Training for Professionals.

Our relationships with others are all around us, influencing our emotional state and our thoughts. They are what make life so beautiful and yet, so challenging at times.

How often do you find yourself lost in busy conversation, where someone is talking over you or someone else, and you’re already planning your next response? In these situations, you might feel that you were not truly seen, or that you did not fully see the other.

Cultivating the skill of mindful communication is where we learn to listen deeply, to others and to ourselves.

In listening deeply, using all of our senses, we learn a lot more about the words, emotions, body language and hidden communication signals from others than we might otherwise. Similarly, when we learn to pause and listen to ourselves, to see how this moment is landing with us right now, we can more wisely inform our next choice of words or actions in any given situation.

The IM Intensive is an opportunity to transform our relational skills and fully appreciate the intricacies of human connection in our personal and professional lives.

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Interpersonal Mindfulness Retreat



Susann Herrmann, Psychol. MA


13 (Thursday) 18:00 - 18 (Tuesday) 14:00


Online via Zoom

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