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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC
December blog
Susann Herrmann

Susann Herrmann

Clinical and Occupational Psychologist MA

It’s All About Community!

December 2021

It’s all about Community!

I thought it would be nice to share this amazing photograph, that I took from my door step last Sunday.

Many of you, who have visited me for our Residential Mindfulness Retreats or Mindfulness Teacher Training, will recognise this view of Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight.

I have to say, and many people happily agree with me:
The community and area where I live, is one of the most beautiful places on the planet, with its’ crystal clear sea, white cliffs that make Tennyson Down, and the sweeping vistas across the Solent to the mainland.

The village of Freshwater itself has a wonderful mix of old & new, which delight the visitor. Where you can turn a corner and find a village shop and then a road with no footpath, as one of our retreat participants remembered with joy this morning after our OnlineLIVE Community Sitting Group. So much so, that when they visit me again, they are coming for longer to enjoy walking trips or further exploration of the island on their bike.

This memory reminded me of what our Community Sitting Group is for, how we as participants interact and what we offer to each other. When we come together for practice, it isn’t just about the act of practicing mindfulness.

The coming together is actually about the Individuals, who make up our Community!

Whether it is just enjoying the act of meeting other like minded people, or feeling that sense of belonging to something that is much bigger than ourself.

We are part of a “World Community” and with all the things that have happened in the last few years, we have all, I hope, realised how important community is. Whether it is helping a neighbour with their shopping, running an errand, helping with children’s education or volunteering at local projects.

We all need each other, we need Community.

We Are One Body!


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