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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC
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Voices of Trainees
Mindfulness Teacher Training
Voices of participants
Voices of Trainees
Mindfulness Teacher Training



Mindfulness Teacher Training

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Warmth to my Heart…

I just wanted to send some words to thank you for all of your wise teachings/coachings over the last 18 months.

My personal and professional practice have flourished this year. You have supported me with a constant source of inspiration and food for reflection.

The year has been far more challenging than I had imagined and yet even the most stressful moments have become a source of interest for me.

When I reflect back to those who I have worked with this year, it brings warmth to my heart to know that the seeds of awareness, curiosity and kindness are continuing to grow and be nurtured in their lives.

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Grounded in…

I often struggle with what feels like a conflict between the concepts and practice of ‘work, business, corporate’ and the ‘personal, mindful, inspirational, motivational’. Sometimes they merge into one, at others they remain compartmentalised. And this is the case whether I am participant/learner or the teacher.

You and your colleagues have managed to provide a totally professional, high quality, ‘product’ in a world that values such things. The admin, the venue, the food, the teaching were all first class. I enjoyed and appreciated all that immensely.
However, what for me was really important is that this was grounded in a totally authentic, spiritual, wise, and learned context. We did indeed become a community for each of the days and with that, I am sure, contributed to the wellbeing of the world. For me, it provided mental, spiritual, and physical space at a time when I am, for the first time in years, almost grounded, almost at peace, but totally OK.

I still feel the calm. I have meditated. I now know that I need to give this to myself on a regular basis. And to weave it confidentially into everything that I do and learn – professionally.

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A beautiful experience of purity: The absence of a ‘do it like this’ approach. The way the content evoked organically to colour – in the 3D framework of underpinnings / Intentions / Practice Forms and Presentational Elements.
The way we encouraged to proceed in our uncertainty. The role modelling always available to provide constant subliminal learning style.

A major shift in appreciation of the context. That MBSR (life) isn’t about following formulas/ reading goals etc. MBSR is about bringing conscious awareness to everything, so it’s not a case of ‘learning’ to facilitate, it is just about facilitating.

Susann I would like to thank you so deeply for sharing your appreciation of ‘the work’. I have felt truly blessed by the experience.

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Enriched my Understanding…

This was a fantastic experience. I enjoyed it throughout and found it extremely beneficial. It was well planned, expertly delivered and full of wisdom. I enjoyed working with everyone immensely.

The most useful thing was the overall intention to bring curiosity and a playfulness to the structure and each activity.

Susann has been a fantastic facilitator and I found her approach intelligent, engaging and very caring. I found every part of this Teaching Intensive valuable and useful.

I got so many new ideas and learned many new possible ways to practice and teach. This Intensive enriched my understanding of the curriculum and its theoretical underpinning. Being invited to trust emergence is always an enhancing challenge for my growth.

A fantastic training. I loved it. Thank you!

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Lighter Perspective…

It was very useful practicing guidance, leading the group, presenting with the group and getting feedback from the other trainees and importantly from Susann.

There were a lot of new experiences on many levels. I see the curriculum from a lighter more balanced perspective. That there is more flexibility depends on my intentions.

Presenting to the group was a little challenging but so worthwhile in terms of receiving feedback about group connection (dynamic), clarifying my intention, realising I can be lighter and more playful as a facilitator.

A wonderfully special and unique Training that has given me much to explore as I teach in the coming years. Thank you so much!

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Extremely Enriching…

It was enlightening, challenging and extremely enriching.

There is no space quite like the one created here, where each person can fully be themselves and be open to learning and growing.

I learnt so much!

It confirmed several aspects and underpinnings but also, I was challenged to see other perspectives and styles of facilitations and will take something away from all of that.

The emotional side was an unexpected challenge of the week, but this just added to the whole experience as it is humbling and motivating to carry on just doing it.

Thank you, Susann. You are truly one of a kind and a rebel that I have found a home in my heart for!

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To be Human…

Susann cares about teaching, practicing, training, about what it is to be a human being and therefore, I felt supported and cared for throughout the week, while at the same time challenged to explore what it means to teach and to be a teacher.

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No Formula…

I had no expectations of the Teaching Intensive – on purpose! This has been a real journey for me personally and professionally; a real experience in self-discovery and my motivations for being a teacher. Thank you for this life-changing experience!

The Underpinnings of MBSR, session titles and topics, were most helpful. They helped clarify the content for me and made me understand that MBSR is one big class. Having the opportunity to practice giving guidance, reflections and inquiries was great.

My perspective was challenged and enriched. Going through the flow and understanding that there is flexibility to cover themes across the whole 8-week was very eye-opening.

Susann facilitated a safe open space for me to explore my intentions as a teacher and go deeper into the MBSR curriculum.

I feel that this week has altered my perspective of what it is to be a mindfulness teacher on so many levels. I feel comforted and liberated that there is no formula or right and wrong way of doing things. The opportunities for self-reflection on who I am as a teacher and why I am doing this have been truly life-changing.

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