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Susann Herrmann - HC
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Monthly Individual Meetings

Monthly Individual Meetings

as Part of your Practice Life

as Part of your Practice Life

Practitioners with an Annual Friends Membership & all participants of our ongoing OnlineLIVE Community Sitting Group are welcome to sign up for a free 15 mins Individual Online Meeting with our Guiding Teacher  Susann Herrmann, Clinical/Occup. Psychol. MA, each calendar month.

What to Expect

The Individual Meetings with our Guiding Teacher are another Contemplative Practice Form we can engage in. These meetings are optional but highly encouraged as an important part of our practice.

They are a time to ask a question about mindfulness, talk about your meditation practice or fine-tune the practice instructions. Working with a teacher is part of an active engagement with mindfulness and with your own life. The more real and relevant you can make this meeting to your practice life, the more useful it will be to you.

These meetings are intended to be brief, to the point encounters and may last up to 15 minutes. It is not a time for visiting or doing psychotherapy, coaching or supervision.

You will receive a number of time slots at the beginning of each calendar month and these will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

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Once you click ‘Submit’ and we have received your booking, you will be redirected to our confirmation page.

How to Enter the Zoom Meditation Hall

Please join the zoom meeting space five minutes early, so that you are ready to start on time. Click on the provided link in the confirmation email and you should go straight into the zoom waiting room for your Individual Meeting. When you enter zoom, type your name (first and last name) as you will be only admitted entering the Zoom Meditation Hall, when you are registered for the specific time slot. Be sure that your camera is working, and you are alone in your physical space to ensure your privacy.

Promptly, at the appointed time, you will get access to the Zoom Meditation Hall. When you enter we bow to each other with our hands palm-to-palm as an appreciation of our work we are doing here together. Then say your name and your meditation practice and the meeting continues from there.

The teacher signals the end of the meeting by bowing. Return this bow and leave the Zoom Meditation Hall.

In Closing

The firm structure of this Individual Meeting is a container, a routine, a path that reminds your body and your mind how to wake up. Some resistance to this prescribed form is usual, but with encouragement and patience, we hope you come to appreciate it as part of your Contemplative Practice.