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Susann Herrmann - HC
Practicing right here…
Susann Herrmann

Susann Herrmann

Clinical and Occupational Psychologist MA

Practicing Right Here

Practicing right here…

You might have noticed, the human mind is very creative, it wants to understand what’s going on and therefore creates a lot of conceptual models about ‘me’, ‘you’ and the ‘world around us’.

The same about mindfulness and how to practice.
We might have a tendency to grasp for knowledge and/or try hard to find answers to the questions, we may have about life in general or mindfulness in particular.

  • What does mindfulness practice look like?
  • What does a mindfulness practitioner look like?
  • Who am I to claim to be a mindfulness practitioner or not to be one?
  • Where can I find the way in?

Right here, in whatever and however we are showing up in this moment! This is the entrance gate!

And although we all have ideas about, how practice should be, what practice looks like or what it feels like, the invitation is to watch closely and carefully what is happening moment to moment. This careful attention to the unfolding moment is the heart of our embodied mindfulness practice.

At the same time it is showing us, that life and therefore the practice of mindfulness itself is very dynamic. We can notice, that everything is always shifting and changing. And in this dynamic of the moment, we can choose to acknowledge what is happening and to be with this as this & to be with that as that.

In this way, we honour in our mindfulness practice the dynamic nature of this moment and therefore the dynamic nature of life. We go with this, we engage with this in a very active process while we are meeting our life, moment by moment.


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