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Susann Herrmann - HC
The New ‘Normal’: Practicing the Middle Way is an Art
Susann Herrmann

Susann Herrmann

Clinical and Occupational Psychologist MA

The New ‘Normal’: Practicing the Middle Way is an Art

The New ‘Normal’: Practicing the Middle Way is an Art

How are you meeting the new ‘Normal’ in this strange time of the pandemic?

Are you picking up where you left off as if nothing has changed? Are you going about life as if the virus has disappeared and the past we lived in before March this year is the here and now? Are you being cautious, following the new restriction guidelines of your country, living in your family & friends bubbles, where you take each day as a new step towards the new ‘Normal’ we will learn to know? Or are you still staying at home and waiting for the day when the virus has stopped infecting people?

What is your tendency to meet the current situation with less restrictions and increasing personal choices?

In our lifetime each one of us has learned to meet situations in a certain way. For some of us, our default mechanism may be to go often into overdrive and be mainly in an ‘on-state’ most of the time. Therefore there is the tendency to ’overdo’ things. For others, our default mechanism may go into the other extreme – ‘under-doing’ things – and therefore be more in an ‘off-state’. One way or the other, both have the tendency that we are just stuck in our behaviour patterns, we have learned in our life so far. Mindfulness is teaching us, to be more flexible in how to meet the moment. 

‘On-state’ vs ‘off-state’. ’Overdoing’ vs ‘under-doing’. Non is better than the other! However, to learn to widen our comfort zone by being able to move towards the middle way is another option and an art, which is worth exploring for more of our everyday life situations.

You are most welcome to join us, take part in an ongoing training and explore how you can apply this teaching to your unique life circumstances.


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