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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC
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About IC.CML

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About IC.CML

Who are we?

The International Community Centre for Mindful Living (IC.CML) vision is to cultivate awareness through practice, connection and community so we can all thrive as human beings.

The IC.CML is a community of individuals who support and inspire each other to strengthen their mindfulness practice.

It is headed up by Guiding Teacher, Susann Herrmann Dipl. Psych (MA)  and was developed by Susann and the late Albert G. Tobler (Master Executive Coach).

Susann offers high quality teaching which provides a solid foundation for your practice and has established an International Community of individuals who support one another in open, honest practice and reflection with integrity.

We continue to welcome new members who wish to deepen and strengthen their practice, and who want to  connect with people around the world from a variety of different backgrounds to share experiences on our path to cultivating awareness.

Every person who practices with us keeps the heart of our community beating.

Evolution of the IC.CML


The IC.CML is the natural evolution of the work and vision of Albert G. Tobler and Susann Herrmann over more than 20 years. What was first established in Germany, as a service provider dedicated to improving the communication of human beings in their work-life, then became Human Communication Ltd in 1999 in London.

In 2004, MbM-Management by Meditation™ was defined in form and content by Albert to protect Susann’s work: “…the synergy of psychology and meditation”. This set the stage for the founding of London Meditation in 2005, with the aim of sharing the experience of meditation as part of daily life with friends and neighbours. A year later, Susann took over the company as sole proprietor, and since 2008, London Meditation has been the Trading Name of Human Communication Ltd.

Anyone who has had first-hand experience of London Meditation, through any of the offerings of mindfulness practice and training, was part of the interconnected, worldwide London Meditation Community. This has now evolved into the IC.CML as our reach goes beyond London, or the UK, and towards an International Community of practitioners and professionals.