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Supervision & CPD

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Supervision & CPD

Individual & Group

OnlineLIVE Supervision/CPD

Individual & Group OnlineLIVE Supervision/CPD

with Susann Herrmann
Clinical/Occup. Psychologist MA
Guiding Teacher IC.CML

Supervision is an integral part of the Mindfulness-based Interventions (MBI) Teacher Training pathway and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It helps in the integration of the learning from one’s own meditation practice, the teacher training and our other theoretical orientations that impact the work.

It is a nourishing opportunity to reflect on your ongoing development with Susann Herrmann, our Guiding Teacher with over 20 years of teaching and supervision experience. Sessions often involve, and welcome, working with issues that hold an emotional charge, a sense of confusion and/or a lack of confidence for the supervisee.


Supervision can be arranged to reflect on:

  • MBSR and/or MBCT programmes
    Supervision forms an integral part of the MBI Embodiment Process – including writing and reviewing your MBSR curriculum, and facilitating your first group(s)
  • Other forms of offering mindfulness
    Facilitating or coaching specific groups (e.g. in the workplace), one-to-one coaching, or offering mindfulness in a unique setting
  • Your professional development
    Explore what you want to offer and how to go about doing it

The topics in ongoing supervision may evolve over time as you move through your pathway.

Specifying an initial topic is useful, as well as being open to the topics possibly changing as you develop.

CPD & Supervision flow Graph


Supervision is available in two formats:  

1. Individual Supervision

Timing: To be arranged
Duration of session: 60 minutes
Location: Online via Zoom


By making the booking here, you accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to pay online! On PayPal screen use the credit card or bank account possibility.

2. Group Supervision

Number of Participants: 2 or more (maximum of 5)

Group Organiser:
One participant must nominate him/herself as group organiser – responsible for coordinating the group (finding other participants with common interest for group supervision, finding a suitable time slot) and liaising with Susann (communicating on behalf of the group, making payment).

Duration of session: 90 minutes

Location: Online via Zoom

to be paid as a lump sum by the group organiser within 24 hours of a reserved time slot by bank transfer.


Supervision can be arranged as one-off sessions or on a regular basis. The sessions often form part of an on-going process during a participant’s practice, training and development.

Integrity & CPD

Regular supervision with an experienced mindfulness-based teacher is one of the requirements to join and remain on the UK Listing of Mindfulness Teachers (for MBSR/MBCT). For trainees outside the UK, please refer to your local country guidelines on Mindfulness-based Intervention (MBI) Teacher Listings.

For those further along on the Training Pathway (such as those who have completed the MBI EmbodimentProcess and are more established in professional practice), OnlineLIVE Supervision sessions are a key form of Continuing Professional Development (CPD). They provide a space for reflecting on work with clients, and for exploring topics such as other forms of mindfulness facilitating/coaching, and developing mindfulness offerings in professional contexts.

Requesting Supervision

To request OnlineLIVE Supervision, please send an email with details about your request, including the format (individual/group), suggested time slots and potential topic(s).


Once your time slot has been reserved, please Pay online as an individual or as the group organiser within 24 hours. You will then receive an email confirmation with log-in details for your OnlineLIVE Supervision session(s).

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