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“We can’t do it by ourselves, and no one else can do it for us.”

Susann Herrmann - HC
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Our Community

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Our Community Friends

Practicing together with Heart and Integrity

Our community is open to everyone who, would like to practice with us
and exists because people turn up to practice together over and over again.

Our shared practice forms the heart of our International Community,
and each and every person who turns up, keeps the heart of the community beating.

Our community is open to everyone, who would like to practice with us and exists because people turn up to practice together over and over again.

Our shared practice forms the heart of our International Community, and each and every person who turns up, keeps the heart of the community beating.

Practice – Connection – Community

Carly a IC.CML Community member


“Over the past few years, I have tried many different approaches to mindfulness, but they all seem to come and go. Despite trying my best to meditate regularly, I find a lack of discipline when meditating alone.

In 2020, I attended Susann’s 8-week MBCT programme, and it was transformational.

I value Susann’s guidance deeply and I am incredibly grateful for the supportive community that I share my practice with each week. Everyone is so welcoming, connected and it is such a safe space to practice and a wonderful group of people to share the space with.”

Iman a IC.CML Community member


“Most of the times I meditate on my own but meditating with a special group of people is different.

It inspires me to commit at times when I am hesitant and it gives me a sense of belonging. Thank you all for a wonderful time.”

Ian a IC.CML Community member


“Modern mindfulness has had a profoundly positive influence on my life.

I initially sought out Susann and the IC.CML Community during the COVID pandemic and I received such a warm welcome!

For me, mindfulness has brought into focus the futility of stewing over the past and future, of which I can neither change nor predict.

Instead, it encourages me to experience my life, right now, just as it is, with all its warts and beauty. It helps me to recognise what is really important in these brief, precious human lives of ours.”

Christina a IC.CML Community member


“I love the meetings with the group. It is like a safe harbour and allows moments of recharging. It’s time for myself but most importantly together with other people.

I feel grounded and inspired after our sessions. It’s a wonderful routine.”

Stuart a IC.CML Community member


“I joined the community recently and am appreciating the opportunity to practise with Susann and the other participants.

The last month or so has been particularly challenging, and during this time I have noticed that the space provides me both with the chance to anchor life in routine and through meditation, and also often inspires me to smile and feel connected to others with shared sensibilities.

With the group being online, I find it easy to incorporate the community and practice of the group into everyday life; and with my intention to bring mindfulness fully into all aspects of life, the group supports me in this ambition.”

Dania a IC.CML Community member


“I must admit, I was doubtful regarding the online group, but I am happy to say it really does work in many ways. The group has given me the discipline I sometimes lack.

The knowledge and guidance from Susann is engaging and to the point. It feels similar to those times when one sometimes finds excuses not to exercise, but then never regrets it afterwards having felt better for it.”

Linda a IC.CML Community member


“Over the years I have tried to sit and meditate on my own but have never managed to achieve any consistency.

However, since joining our Community at the height of the pandemic, I have experienced real benefits: from an enhanced commitment to practice; to a gradual deepening of the practice itself; and a better understanding of the ways my mind works.”

Tobi a IC.CML Community member


“The community group is an important anchor to my practice every week. Coming together with Susann’s guidance is a great way to check in with other people on the journey of mindful meditation. Practicing by myself is as important, as nudging each other on in the community setting.

As we remind ourselves every week, the learnings are vast and subtle.”

Andrea a IC.CML Community member


“I didn’t realise how much I was yearning for a community like the one at the IC.CML until I found it…or rather, it found me!

I initially joined Susann for a one-day online retreat and ended up joining the weekly sessions, which I find safe, supportive and deeply nourishing and which are now an essential part of my week!”

Elin a IC.CML Community member


“I am so pleased to have found the Community Sitting Group. It has provided a structure which has enabled me to find time for mindfulness practice when previously I had thought there was no time at all.

It is a space for self-care and has become precious within a very short space of time.

The chance to connect with others who also want to practice is a thing of joy and feels like an extra bonus. I feel warmth, kindness, curiosity and trust is on show each time we meet. And it is all held beautifully together by Susann.”

George a IC.CML Community member


“Although I don’t join all the sessions with my mum, it’s nice to sit with her sometimes… and I get to enjoy the benefits of her sitting anyway!

I keep her on her toes, and she says I’m the best mindfulness teacher there is (besides Susann of course!).”

Maria a IC.CML Community member


“I joined the IC.CML after a number of years trying different organisations & approaches to mindfulness. I must say that it has been a real game-changer for my practice and beyond.

Our Community is a welcoming and safe space to practice within a secular mindfulness framework, offering several weekly Sittings & Teachings, as well as monthly Retreat Days and Individual Meetings with our Guiding Teacher. The invitation to practice is always there and you feel supported by the group.

I believe this is the best approach for all those who would like to establish a more regular practice, learn with an insightful and honest teacher, and ultimately experience mindful living.”

Community Voice Female Yoga pose image


“Meditation is a journey of self-discovery in which we are inevitable on our own.

However, we are not alone in it. A community of fellow practitioners provides that feeling of connection and support which is necessary to make this journey become truly alive.”

Tracey a IC.CML Community member


“Having experienced Susann’s Online Community Sits for a few months now, I wish I had joined years ago. I can arrive just as I am, whether stressed, happy, depressed, or emotional. To be my authentic self within a non-judgmental and supportive community.

Susann’s guidance and sincere interest with how I am and giving us all an opportunity to share if we feel the need, I feel the benefit within myself mentally and emotionally.

Just before joining the Online Community my long-term therapy support was about to end, which terrified me. But these Community Sits have helped me within this next chapter of my life.”

Liz a IC.CML Community member


“Giving myself time to stop for meditations with Susann, as part of her ‘practice community’ allows me to take a break and relax from my busy life and work and know that I will be supported, given space and meet likeminded people who understand what this connection means.

We are all committed to practice where ever we live, in the UK or abroad. This means so much to me as I am now a part of a growing community and can join fellow meditators and practice together which makes the meditation experience stronger.”

Virginia a IC.CML Community member


“I’m so happy to have found this online meditation community. The flexible nature of it being online has been incredibly valuable for me as a mother, being able to join with just a click of my mousepad, not having to commute and be away from my son for long.

I genuinely feel a connection Susann and the other practitioners as if we’re in one room meditating together. I’m thankful for this group and always look forward to our sits.”

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“I have loved being a part of the community sitting for the past few months and this has brought many positive benefits to my life.

Most importantly it has allowed me to feel a part of something larger than just me on my own on this path.

Somewhere I feel at home and comfortable speaking honestly and openly about my experiences.”

Barbara a IC.CML Community member


“I am delighted to have the benefit of having a sitting group in the comfort of my own home. 

It was with some trepidation that I joined, as the concept of online meditation was something my head was struggling with. I am delighted to say it’s now an integral part of my home practice and I feel totally connected to the community when I log on. 

When I see familiar faces and those who will soon become familiar I get a sense of coming home. This service gives me a framework and a forum that feels effortless. Thank you IC.CML.”

Tina a IC.CML Community member


“Joining the online sitting group has allowed me to practice regularly with likeminded people. Sitting with others provides a caring, nurturing and supportive community environment, even online!

This has deepened my practice and motivates me each time I sit. Any opportunity is an opportunity to practice and this platform provides that mindfulness connection to myself most mornings of the week and there is just something beautiful in that.”

Anna a IC.CML Community member


“I’ve been meditating for 10 years but find that my practice often gets rusty. Whenever this happens, I take one of Susann’s courses and undergo a transformation!

The online community group provides a structure to my practice, I feel incredibly supported and I’m enjoying getting to know the other participants.”

Community Voice Male Yoga pose image


“I really enjoy meditating with the online community because it adds structure to my weeks and inspires me to further practice.

Everyone Everywhere Together & Nowhere Alone breaking the morning in beneficent silence, pausing at the foot of the chaos of days before pushing on into the howling Tao.

Community Voice Female Yoga pose image


“My Brazilian daughter in law and my son practice and she told me about meditation. I have tried to meditate but lacked concentration or needed the support of a friendly group.

With the help of the internet I found Susann and Albert, for which I am grateful. They did not come alone but introduced me to a kindly supportive sitting group.

Paula a IC.CML Community member


“Our online community makes me feel connected and part of a growing movement towards self-compassion and compassion for others.”

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“One of the benefits of being part of our practice community is seeing myself reflected in the words of others – realising that much of my own experience is universal and shared. That there is one-ness rather than other-ness in being human.”

Community Voice Female Yoga pose image


“Joining the online sitting group has deepened and refreshed my mindfulness practice.

I really enjoy sitting with others and sharing experiences, and Susann’s talks strengthen my motivation to practice by helping me connect with the benefits mindfulness brings to my life.”

Community Voices
Community Voices
Greater than myself...
Greater than myself…
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“I love being part of this community as it means being a part of something greater than myself. It is about sharing, growing and opening up to who I am. It is about nurturing myself and my connection to other people in a loving and caring way.”

Supportive group...
Supportive group...
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I look forward to the discipline of Sunday sitting group, to recognise friendly faces and enjoy being part of a supportive group. Susann knows thoughtful pieces, sometimes a poem or a quote which we all enjoy, it lifts our spirits and every week I wish I could remember.”

Intimacy and spaciousness...
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"I love joining the online practice, it has an intimacy and spaciousness that is unique. Whether we are sitting together in silence, listening to Susann or sharing in breakout rooms, there is a strong sense of being part of a community, that we are supporting each other to build our awareness individually and internationally."

Intimacy and spaciousness...
Being connected...
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"I am so grateful for this amazing experience of being connected to people from other places. I love to see them on the screen, ready to meditate together, ready to share a moment for ourselves."

Being connected…
Share experience…
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“The online community helps me maintain my practice by coming together with like-minded people to share experience and stories on our shared path.”

Share experience…
Encouragement and belonging...
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“By being part of this group, I have felt a sense of encouragement and belonging and that in turn has reinforced my own individual practice. When I went on holiday recently I was able to take the group ‘with me’.”

Encouragement and belonging...
Being much happier…
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"I feel blessed to have found this lovely, supportive community, when I was suffering with chronic stress and anxiety. Through this MBSR course and Community Sits, I am more aware of my own needs and focus more on self-care, resulting in life-changing career decisions and being much happier."

Being much happier…
Sense of belonging…
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“For me, community is a sense of belonging - a group of people in a certain setting to return to regularly, regardless of what is going on around us in our individual lives. Together, we hold space for each other and bring acceptance towards whatever may be shared or felt.”

Sense of belonging…
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