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IC.CML Friends Membership

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IC.CML Friends Membership

Annual Friends Membership

“You will find that becoming a member deepens your practice.
When you make a tangible commitment,
you recognize this is a living path and it’s about you.”

Anyone who wishes to practice with us is welcome, whether you are completely new to mindfulness or an established practitioner, and there are many ways to engage with our community.

The OnlineLIVE Community Sitting Group, MBSR, MBCT, Residential Events, and other offerings are open to everyone, regardless of whether you of have a Friends Membership or not. However, if you find that sitting and practicing as part of a community on a regular basis and/or monthly Individual Online Meetings with our Guiding Teacher,  bolsters and supports your own practice, our Friends Membership option may be a good fit for you.

The Friends Membership option was developed to support participants from anywhere in the world looking to deepen their practice, as well as their connection and commitment to the International Community Centre for Mindful Living (IC.CML).

The Friends Membership was also designed to enable and empower those who wish to contribute to the community itself. In this way, our hope is that a symbiosis is established to sustain the practice of the community and its friends.



    Each Calendar Month 15mins Individual Online Meeting with our Guiding Teacher

    These meetings are another Contemplative Practice Form we can engage in. They are optional but highly encouraged as an important part of our practice and give time to ask a question about mindfulness, talk about your meditation practice or fine-tune the practice instructions.

    Working with a teacher is part of an active engagement with mindfulness and with your own life. The more real and relevant you can make this meeting to your practice life, the more useful it will be to you.

    These meetings are intended to be brief, to the point encounters and may last up to 15 minutes. It is not a time for visiting or doing psychotherapy, coaching or supervision.

    You will receive a number of time slots at the beginning of each calendar month and these will be taken on a first come first serve basis.

  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to our ‘IC.CML Friends Slack Community’ run by our Community Members. 

    It is our Private Communication Channel to connect with each other and share any interesting content that we feel other members would benefit from.

    Our platform enables group conversations, provides individual channels to share specific content (files, links, articles etc.), includes an individual private chat option and your details will remain private to you.

Start Date & Duration
Our Friends Membership starts at the beginning of each calendar month and runs for 12 months.
Friends Contribution
£ 35/month over 12 months
£ 360/year in one lump sum.

If you have any questions please contact us or visit our FAQ’s page.

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